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The look of a true fighter! I love it!!

My goal is to have the definitive collection of Michelle Kwan videos online! If anything does not have a link on it ...then I am looking for it!
Thank you Mark W. for donating the space for me to keep the site going!

Thank you to all of the video contributers! Emi, ggyy, Moyesii, thpme, Zi, michellekwanlovr and acurina. Did I miss anyone? Email me and let me know!

Thank you Heather from MKF for your wonderful weight loss diet new jersey and the pictures you have shared with me!
Thank you Jenny from MKF for the fabulous front page banner!

Thank you Cole & Monyrith King and Natalia from MKF for the terrific banners for the inside pages!!!

Thank you Natalia for my new banners for 2005!!!

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